Weekly fellowship


  • Pray for the present Torch Relay phase of the gospel trips, as many Bibles have been distributed and many open ones, including families and students, have been contacted in the cities of Marseilles, Montpellier, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Caen, Rennes and Nantes.
  • Pray for the preparation for the next gospel trip from June 24 to July 1 in Strasbourg.
  • Pray for the follow-up and continued care of the open ones through the coordination of the gospel teams and the local saints.
  • Pray for the many open contacts in Lille, France, following 3 gospel trips there carried out by Russian-speaking trainees sent from Warsaw, Poland laboring with local Russian-speaking saints, which resulted in over 2,400 Bibles distributed, 124 people personally contacted, and 69 people who prayed to receive the Lord.
  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing on the open homes of the saints in these key cities.
  • Pray that the Lord will call a good number of saints to migrate to these cities for the raising up of lampstands.

(To apply to join one of the available gospel trips, click on this link:  https://amanatrust.org.uk/page/2024paris; to read reports from the gospel trips, open the current “Prayer Burdens” link from the LME website here:  https://lordsmove.org/information.html)

  • Pray for the national serving ones’ perfecting training on June 22-23.

  • Pray that the Lord will protect the tripartite being of all the saints and will rule in the heavens over every aspect of this conflict so that the result will advance His economy on earth.
  • Pray for the saints in Israel and throughout the Middle East, that the Lord will protect them in this time of conflict and uncertainty, and that they will be strengthened into their inner man so that Christ may make His home ever more deeply in their hearts for the reality of the Body of Christ to be built up among them.
  • Pray that the enemy will be bound in every way, and that God’s will would be done to prepare the situation for His return.
  • Pray that the” white horse” of the gospel will run and that the Lord will call all His predestinated ones throughout that region to be saved and to be gathered with the saints to build up God’s house. 


  • Pray that the children will remain cherished and happy because of everything they received in the past week’s Summer Bible Camp and will grow up in a healthy spiritual environment at home and in the children’s meetings.
  • Pray that the seeds of the word concerning Joseph sown into them this past week will remain in them, make an impression on them, and sprout and bear fruit in them in due time.
  • Pray that the friends who participated in the Summer Bible Camp received a good deposit and will want to continue to be among us, and that the saints connected to them will be one with the Lord to find the way to shepherd them and their families.
  • Pray that the young people will give this week to the Lord and participate in as many of the Summer School of Truth sessions and activities as possible.
  • Pray that the young people will receive an indelible impression of the preciousness of the Bible as the word of God and learn how to eat the word as their spiritual food and as Spirit and life.
  • Pray that the young people will learn to exercise their spirit so that they touch the spiritual reality of all the matters they are learning.
  • Pray for all the speaking brothers to be one with the Lord and to have His living word and fresh anointing in the release of each message.
  • Pray for the abundant grace to all the serving ones, for their coordination, and for them to be in one accord.
  • Pray that the saints in all the halls, districts and languages will attend this meeting for the blending of the church and for mutual encouragement and edification.
  • Pray that the saints will practice living a life of laboring on Christ and will bring the surplus of the riches of Christ which they have experienced and enjoyed to this meeting for our enjoyment of Christ with one another and for the corporate worship of God in spirit and in truthfulness.
  • Pray for the young people’s exhibition of their enjoyment from the Summer School of Truth, that it would be an exhibition of Christ, satisfying to them, to the saints, and to the Lord. 
  • Pray that each of the gospel friends who came to the Korean-speaking gospel meeting and the Chinese-speaking gospel meeting will be definitely saved, both receiving judicial redemption and having a strong experience of regeneration as the start of their organic salvation.
  • Pray that the ones saved would have a strong seeking after the Lord for what is on His heart, and that all the veils will be removed so that they can see God’s economy, Christ as both the Head and the Body.
  • Pray that the church will have more increase from the Korean-speaking and Chinese-speaking communities.
  • Pray that in the church there will be the universal shepherding, that the saints will rise up to care for the many new ones the Lord has given us by being vitalized and by joining with others who are vitalized for the bearing of fruit.

The above are some of the current prayer burdens that the saints may bring to the Lord in their personal or corporate prayer; however, the saints should be exercised to follow the leading of the Spirit in their prayer.