Weekly fellowship


  • Pray for the Spirit to confirm and bring the saints into the word released in the International Memorial Day Blending Conference so that the saints will advance in knowing, experiencing, and enjoying Christ as revealed in Philippians.
  • Pray that the saints in these countries will persevere to propagate aggressively in all kinds of environments, not being bothered by opposition or restriction but being aggressive and bold with an enterprising spirit to carry out the Lord’s commission under a clear vision of God’s economy.
  • Pray for the Lord’s sovereign ruling over the political, social and economic environment in all these countries, to make the situation conducive for the preaching of the gospel, the spreading of the truths, and the raising up of more churches.
  • Pray for more saints to be raised up and perfected for coordination in the church services.
  • (For a listing of the countries, link to: https://lmasia.org/countries/)


  • Pray that the tripartite being of the saints in the besieged cities will be protected and preserved for the Lord’s interests.
  • Pray that as the conflict continues, God will continue to work Himself into the saints in Russia, Ukraine and Europe and blend them together to cause His testimony there to shine brighter.
  • Pray for the church in Paynesville, Liberia, and for all those who have been contacted through the saints’ door knocking.
  • Pray for the saints in Benin, for the beginning of the young people’s and children’s work there, and for the propagation in several promising cities.

(For a report on West Africa, link to: https://www.lmafrica.org/images/LMAfrica_Newsletter_April_2023_English.pdf


  • Pray that as this school year ends, the young people and their parents will consecrate this summer to the Lord, that they will seek His will so that the time will be redeemed for the Lord to do what He desires in the young people.
  • Pray for the preparation of the parents and serving ones who will be serving in the Children’s Bible Camp and the Summer School of Truth.
  • Pray that the saints will aspire to be the priestly teachers in the Lord’s recovery, those who contact God all the time to be filled with God and who are skilled in the Word of God to speak the divine revelation to one another and to others, so that the church in Irvine will express God as God’s testimony.
  • Pray that this vision and desire will cause the saints to read the Bible daily and to read the Life-studies to be constituted with the up-to-date recovered truths.

The above are some of the current prayer burdens that the saints may bring to the Lord in their personal or corporate prayer; however, the saints should be exercised to follow the leading of the Spirit in their prayer.