"But take note of this: He who sows sparingly shall also sparingly reap; and he who sows with blessings shall also with blessings reap; each one as he has purposed in his heart, not out of sorrow or out of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver." —2 Corinthians 9:6-7

A Word About Fees

The church, like any other entity, is charged a fee (2.2% + 30¢ per transaction) when it receives funds via credit card. PayPal formerly had a mechanism by which we could avoid fees, however that has now been discontinued. If you'd like to make a donation without the church incurring a fee, you can simply add to your offering the amount of the fee or make an offering by Zelle (which does not charge fees).

Offerings to the church in Irvine can now be made via Zelle.

The church’s Zelle account is:

The benefit of making offerings by Zelle is that there are no transaction fees charged to the church. If the offering is for a particular matter please designate that in the memo field.

If your Zelle limit is below the offering amount you would like to give, it is often possible to raise that limit by requesting that your bank increase your transaction limit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those already using Zelle related to other matters (e.g., paying rent for corporate housing), you should continue using the same Zelle address as before.

For any questions please email (Note: do not Zelle funds to this email address)

  1. Click the GIVE button below and you'll be brought to PayPal's secure sit for credit card processing.
  2. Insert gift amount and indicate whether this is a One-time gift or a Monthly gift. (Note: recurring monthly gifts can only be set up with a PayPal account, not via a credit card.)
  3. In the Use this donation for menu, you can either leave General Offering selected or click the dropdown to see other options. Any undesignated offerings will be considered General Offerings and used at the discretion of the leading brothers.
  4. On the next line, check the box if you desire to cover the fees.
  5. Select your method of payment: Donate with PayPal or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card
  6. On the next screen, add a note if desired by clicking on the Write a note feature.
  7. Follow the rest of the steps to complete your donation.
  8. Please note that offerings related to the following matters can be given directly via the following websites:


Make a check payable to THE CHURCH IN IRVINE with a designation to the appropriate matter and mail it to the church's HALL 3 address: 
620 Roosevelt, Irvine, CA 92620
Wire Transfer:
Please email us for instructions on how to make contributions by wire transfer. 


Transfer securities to the church's brokerage account. (Note: this has been recently updated to reflect Morgan Stanley's acquisition of ETrade).

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, P.O. Box 484, Jersey City, NJ 07303 – 0484

Tax ID: 26-4310632

Deliver to DTC Clearing 0015. Use church in Irvine brokerage account number 520 865859.

Please be sure to email the following information after you have made a Stock Contribution: Name, date of donation, stock symbol, and the number of shares.


Contribute real estate, annuities and other assets. Please feel free to email us or call Mark Ferraro to discuss particulars.


We encourage the saints to give liberally to meet the financial needs of needy saints. Offerings contributed to this category will be used at the discretion of the leading brothers as they become aware of needs among the saints. If you would like to make the leading brothers aware of a particular needy saint situation, you can do so as follows;

  • When giving by Credit Card: (a) designate your offering for the NEEDY SAINTS FUND in the dropdown menu (see item 3 of instructions), and then (b) use the WRITE A NOTE field that as described in Step 5 of the instructions.
  • When giving by Check or Wire: after making your offering, send an email describing the situation for the brothers to take into consideration.
  • Of course we always encourage direct fellowship as well concerning all these matters if that is your preference.

Please be advised that in order to maintain the tax deductibility of any offering, IRS regulations require that the giver relinquish control of the funds and entrust the church with control of their use at its discretion. The church always strives to remain compliant with IRS regulations.