October 2, 2022


Ukraine and the World Situation

  • Pray that the heavens would rule over the situation regarding Russia and the Ukraine, and over its impact on the world situation.
  • Pray that the Lord will protect the saints’ lives and preserve their entire spirit, soul and body from the enemy’s destruction without and from his attacks within.
  • Pray for the Lord to multiply His grace to the saints, that it would be all-sufficient, abounding and even surpassing all sufferings, weaknesses and limitations.
  • Pray that the saints and the churches may continue being built up and that the gospel would be proclaimed to meet the need of the suffering people in the Ukraine.

Bible Seminars in London, England (Beginning March 6)

  • Pray that in these seminars at five different locations in London on the first Lord’s Day of each month from March through June, the Lord will open the inner eyes of the attendees to see the seeds and blueprint of God’s eternal purpose sown in Genesis and the development of this central thought in the Bible until its full harvesting in Revelation.
  • Pray that the Lord will attract and gain the seeking ones for His testimony in London.

Germany – Shepherding of the Farsi-Speaking New Ones

  • Pray for the weekly appointments with the Farsi-speaking saints, for their consistent attendance in the weekly gatherings, and for the shepherding saints to have wisdom on how to shepherd each one in their situations and according to their growth in life.


First Lord’s Table of the Church in Pomona (March 6)

  • Pray for a glorious first Lord’s Table meeting of the church in Pomona this Lord’s Day, as the approximately 25 saints living and meeting in Pomona are joined by other saints (both in-person and virtually) to strengthen this new beginning.


In-Person Lord’s Day Meeting of Hall 1 Districts (Beginning March 6)

  • Pray that the Lord will richly bless the first in-person Lord’s Day meeting of the Hall 1 districts since the start of the pandemic, which will be held this Lord’s Day, and that we will have His presence and His affirmation concerning the way for the church to go on.
  • Pray that all the saints, whether meeting in-person or virtually, will keep the oneness of the Spirit and have the one accord for the church’s testimony to the city of Irvine.

The above are some of the current prayer burdens that the saints may bring to the Lord in their personal or corporate prayer; however, the saints should be exercised to follow the leading of the Spirit in their prayer.